March 11 Anti-Nuclear Fukushima Action Stop Kishida’s Major Shift in Nuclear Policy!

March 11 Anti-Nuclear Fukushima Action

Stop Kishida’s Major Shift in Nuclear Policy!

It has been 12 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011. With the 12th anniversary of March 11 within sight, the Kishida administration has taken a decisive step to forcibly promote a major change of its nuclear power, nuclear armament, policies. This is a part of blatant attack against all of us with the cabinet decision last December on Three Security Documents to clean way to become a military power.

The war in Ukraine is intensifying and expanding, and the danger of global war and nuclear war is increasing. Nuclear weapons and nuclear power plant technology are vital for the Kishida administration, which is pushing for this war as the G7 presidency. Kishida administration is rushing toward war of aggression on China more and more closely united with the U.S. Biden administration.

This year’s March 11 Anti-Nuclear Fukushima Action must be a historic battle, in full confrontation with the war-mongering Kishida administration, to unleash the anger of Fukushima against our own government.

In December last year, the Kishida administration announced its “Basic Policy (for energy supply),” which is to restart nuclear power plants, to develop and build new “innovative” reactors, to extend the operational period of nuclear power plants, to promote nuclear fuel cycle projects and so forth. The Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11 has brought about the indescribable suffering inflicted by evacuation, nuclear plant-related deaths, loss of old homes, health hazards caused by radiation exposure, etc. But the Kishida administration is now starting to promote its nuclear policy pretending as if this disaster had never happened.

On January 13, the Kishida administration announced once again that the dumping of contaminated water into the ocean from the Fukushima nuclear power plant will take place “around this spring or summer.” The government and TEPCO are completely ignoring the dangers of contaminated water and are forcing the discharge into the ocean without listening to any opposition from people in Japan or the rest of the world.

Even after treating by the Advanced Liquid Processing System (ALPS), the water still contains high concentrations of cesium, strontium, and other radionuclides as well as tritium. On January 18, the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF), which consists of 15 countries and two regions including Australia and New Zealand, issued a statement opposing the discharge of contaminated water into the ocean.

The collapsed reactors have already released huge amounts of radioactive materials into the ocean. On February 7, the cesium level in Japanese sea-bass landed off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture reached the limit of the standard, and the Fukushima Prefectural Federation of Fisheries Co-operative Associations refrained from bringing the fish to market.

In solidarity with workers, people, and fishers all over the world, we are determined to launch a big movement against the discharge of radioactive contaminated water into the ocean.

The March 11 nuclear accident is not at all over. Radiation is still being released daily, and some 30,000 people, deprived of their hometowns, are still forced to live as evacuees. Decontamination of vast areas of mountains and forests has not even started. The Kishida administration has been forcing Fukushima people to live in such an environment. Don’t trample on human life!

The struggle of the people in Fukushima, including those who have filed the child thyroid cancer lawsuit, continues unceasingly and powerfully to hold the government and TEPCO accountable. The Kishida administration is forcing the discharge of contaminated water into the ocean in order to stifle the anger and struggle of the Fukushima people. This is absolutely unacceptable.

On March 11, we will hold the March 11 Anti-Nuclear Fukushima Action 2023. We are asking for all workers, farmers, students, and citizens around the world to send us your passionate messages of solidarity to fight with us.


February 28, 2023


March 11 Anti-Nuke Fukushima Action Organizing Committee

National Conference for the Immediate Closure of All Nuclear Power Plants (NAZEN)









多核種除去設備(advanced liquid processing system、ALPS)で処理をしても、この「ALPS処理水」にはトリチウムはもとより高濃度のセシウム、ストロンチウムなどの放射性核種が多く残留しています。1月18日には、オーストラリア、ニュージーランドなど15カ国・2地域が加盟する太平洋諸島フォーラムPacific Islands Forum(PIF)が汚染水海洋放出反対の声明を発しています。

崩壊した原子炉からはすでに、膨大な放射性物質が海洋に垂れ流されています。2月7日には、福島県沖で水揚げされたスズキ(Japanese Sea-bass)から基準値限界に達するセシウムが検出され、漁業組合は出荷を自粛しました。「実害」がすでに問題になっているのです。