Stop the War in East Asia! International Labor Solidarity is the Power to Crush Fresh War Attempts

Stop the War in East Asia!
International Labor Solidarity is the Power to Crush Fresh War Attempts
A fresh threat of war is impending in East Asia. The current global economic crisis, manifestation of death agony of capitalism, has brought about not only mass dismissal of workers but also war. The situation in Korean Peninsula is explosive.

Recently US forces conducted a two-month long joint military exercise with South Korean forces in an unprecedented scale with nuclear-capable strategic bombers, aiming at dominating the air space over the whole Korean Peninsula. Obama administration has made an agreement with the South Korean partner, which allows overall US engagement even in the possible brush-fire war between North and South Korea. In face of these offensives, Kim Jong-un administration of the North Korea accelerates nuclear armament in a quite anti-working class counter measure. It recently declared to break off the truce concluded in 1953, thus desperately driving itself to the brink of war.

As for Japan, Abe administration, shamelessly taking this opportunity, is intent to abolish the current Constitution itself together with its “peace clause” to change Japan into a war state. He is organizing bellicose provocations against Korea and China over the territorial issue, stirring up chauvinism and preparing construction of a new US military base in Henoko (northern beach of Okinawa) and striving for strengthened Japan-US military alliance. His agenda includes also nuclear armament of Japan; he is desperately preparing for restart of nuclear power plants, most of which are now out of operation.

We must squarely confront this critical situation. Those who need war are capitalist class of Japan, US and South Korea and privileged rulers of China and North Korea, and those who suffer from war are working people of the respective countries and all over the world.
What lies then behind the intensifying military situation in East Asia? As was demonstrated by the two major world wars in the past century, bitter strife among the world powers under global economic crisis over markets, resources and spheres of influence is rapidly and inevitably developing into political and military confrontation. It is urgent for the working people of the whole world to rise up resolutely for a struggle to crush the attempt of provoking fresh war, which means nuclear war, and to endeavor for the construction of a society which needs no war.

Korean Confederation of Trade Unions has already issued a statement on April 10: “We oppose all attempts of war and are determined to fight against all the powers which promote in war”. We absolutely support this statement and declare here that we are also ready to fight against war together with the courageous brothers and sisters of KCTU and all Korean working people.
Our struggle is focused upon overthrowing Abe administration, which is intending the abolition of the Japanese Constitution with its peace clause under these intensifying circumstances and rushing for the war.

Working class has no national border. Upcoming May Day is the day of international solidarity for the unification of workers across the world as a class and the day of action against privatization, outsourcing, irregular employment, dismissal and the day to confirm the common cause of world working class of abolishing capitalist exploitation and overthrowing capitalist rule. The major power to stop the war and to change the whole world lies in international labor solidarity across nations, nationalities and national borders.

Let’s crush the war by the advancement of working class unity and class struggle labor movement under the banner of international solidarity. Let’s march forward for the radical change of the world today!

May 1, 2013

International Labor Solidarity Committee of Doro-Chiba








 国際連帯の旗を断固として掲げ、労働者の団結と階級的労働運動の前進で戦争を阻止しよう! 現代世界の根底的変革へ向けてともに前進しましょう!